For the last twelve years WMC has been solving tank problems for our various customers. We're certified to repair practically any type of tank; large, small, pressure or atmospheric, we'll get your problem fixed.

Our highly trained and qualified technicians are on call twenty-four/seven to serve your needs. 
  • "R" Stamp Certified
  • Centrally located in the Midwest gives us the opportunity to be onsite in a timely manner
  • Heat transfer repair
  • Refinish interior of vessel
  • Repair, modify and add manways, valves, fittings, etc.
  • Addition of vortex breakers, baffles, sight or light assemblies
  • Modification or addition of sprayball assemblies
  • ASME certified dye check and radiography
  • Passivation and spot electropolishing
  • Complete Documentation package provided
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