WMC, Inc. is a Missouri small business founded twelve years ago with headquarters in Springfield, Missouri. WMC, Inc. specializes in commercial and industrial construction and has worked extensively in the fields of chemical, petroleum, institutional, hospital-HVAC and plumbing, power generation/heavy industry, food grade manufacturing, and military installations.

Although WMC, Inc. qualifies as a Missouri small business (grossing less than 33.5 million annually), in the past three years over $52,000,000 in construction work has been executed in complex environments such
as the Chemical Industry, Petro-Chemical Refinery, Military, Munitions Disposal Industry, and Power Generation Industry.

This volume of complex construction demonstrates WMC, Inc.'s ability to successfully provide consistently high levels of performance and customer satisfaction. WMC, Inc. takes great pride in its quick response time, quality of work, outstanding customer service and long-term relationships developed with our clients.

For the past twelve years, WMC, Inc. has shown a consistent steady growth in revenue and profit allowing WMC, Inc. to compete on larger and more demanding projects. WMC, Inc. has vast experience in performing work in demanding environments and has continued its growth due to successful past performances and repeated contracts from satisfied clients. The United States Army Corp. of Engineers, Renewable Energy Solutions Bio-Diesel Refinery, and General Dynamics Ordnance Tactical Systems Munitions Services are good examples of the many long term relationships built by WMC, Inc. through safe, quality installations.
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